The two sweeps in private hands, were demilitarized in order for them to keep them. There was paperwork to do to substantiate this that had to be filed with DRMO to keep it legal.

Note: The Advance caught fire in November 2013 and burned to the waterline.
Photo's from Navsource web site

Located near Stockton, CA, Photo taken 10/1999
Supposably scrapped in 1977 (6-Jan-1977 Sold) by Oskco Edwards, Capistrano Beach, CA $48,010.

ADVANCE earned FIVE Battle Stars for service in Vietnam.

From Larry Sanderson, 11/1999
Information courtesy of Mr. Sanderson and used with his permission.

She was bought by (previous owner) who had it pulled to Richmond Calif where he dry docked it and started stripping. He only had one year to (strip it), so he and his helpers took the easiest parts to get to first. (Previous owner) lived on it ten years. They lived solely on the top deck.
In 1985 we bought it from him with the understanding we would move it from the Re-Rock Marina in San Pablo Bay. We moved it to west of Pittsburg California for two years, and then found an island out in the delta and moved it there. We do own the ship and the island and have lived on it ever since. We haven't done hardly anything on the outside but have fixed up about two thirds of the inside.
The engines, props, shafts and rudder have been removed.

The above pictures are from the Sanderson family.

The above pictures were taken 12/2002 by Rick Christie Sr.


The LUCID is now located at the Stockton Historical Maritime Museum in Stockton California.

In 1986, the Lucid was acquired by William Gardner, who towed it to Bradford Island where it was stripped of everything of value and used as a storage building. A hole was even cut into the port side near the waterline to use as a door. In September 2004, Gardner was killed and the following year his widow donated the ship to what eventually became the “Lucid MSO-458 Foundation.” Volunteers then began the monumental task of restoring the Lucid by removing the tons of junk that had accumulated over the years, repairing the hole in her side, and eliminating or covering most of the civilian modifications.

Realizing the enormity of the task of completely restoring a 700 ton vessel, the Foundation partnered with the Stockton Historical Maritime Museum and in November of 2011, Lucid was moved from Bradford Island to her current berth in Stockton, California at a pier of the former Naval Reserve Center on Monte Diablo Avenue, the current site of the San Joaquin Building Futures Academy. The ship is currently undergoing restoration by volunteers, students, and professionals as a museum ship. To date the CPO Quarters and Sickbay have been restored to show what is possible, and thousands of pieces of equipment are being procured or salvaged.

Upon return to its original appearance, Lucid will be moved to the historic downtown waterfront area and opened to the public to represent Stockton's maritime and shipbuilding history and honor the men and women who labored there and served aboard small vessels of the United States Navy.

mysteryship_2 mysteryship_6
Courtesy "The Silent Defenders"
This has been confirmed as being the USS Lucid (MSO-458) The hull number is pretty clear from on-seen obversation (458). The 58 is clear on the starboard and the 4 is clear on the port side. 8/6/2000
Supposably scrapped in 1977 (Scrap sale 30 Dec, 1976)by W. Dean Kirkpatrick, San Francisco, CA, $40,250

Originally the owner had planned to make a Bed & Breakfast of the hull. Those plans did not work out. Now he plans to use it as a storage building.11/18/2002


The following pictures are courtesy of Bill Yates who took them in August of 2000, confirming the identity of the ship.

Picture Picture Picture
The "4" is clearly visible in this picture on the port side
Picture Picture
And the "5" and the "8" are visible in this picture on the starboard side
Picture Picture
The top of the rudder is out of the water

Bill Rouleau reports...we approached the remains of a MSO...and was able to look at the shore (port) side and verify the hull number which is 458, the LUCID. What a sad, sad site to see the condition she is in. I almost cried when I saw her present condition! She rides considerably higher out of the water with all, and I do mean all, metal removed. About the only thing left is the bronze stem, the bronze hawse pipes and the bollards. There is a "door" cut into the hull just above the present water line on the port side below the location of the 36' motor life boat.

The original owner had planned to make a Bed & Breakfast of the hull. Those plans fell through and the county wanted it out of their area. I spoke to the present owner. He towed it to it's present location and plans to use it as a storage building.

The white paint on the upper works is mostly peeled away. The pivot posts for the rudders are visible and the rudders and I assume the screws are gone. The chain plates and stays for the mast are missing. All ladders to the upper decks are gone. 12-2002

Gary Locke reports...We were in the shipyard in Alameda at the same time the Lucid was put in drydock to have it sheathing replaced in 1980. It was being made into a Doctors office with living quarters. 12-2002


The USS Embattle was previously in private hands for 16 years but has been disposed of.

Sunk, resting on channel bottom. 8/10/1992
Courtesy of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, San Francisco District


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