From: Maynard, Robert D CAPT
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003
Subject: USS EXCEL

Just decided to check the web for any info on the ship whose bell sits in the waiting room of this Navy Dental Clinic at Camp Lejeune, NC. And came across your site. Anyway, if any of your members were wondering where the Excel's ship's bell ended up, it is part of an award-winning display here. It is displayed with a ship's telegraph, but there are no markings to tell if it is also from MSO 439.
CAPT R. Maynard DC USN


EXCEL was stationed in San Francisco in April 1992; here we see EXCEL sweeping Oak Harbor during a mine countermeasures exercise.
This exercise turned into quite an event - 70 knot winds in that small area while we had our O gear out, and a MH-53 crash right in front of us - pretty exciting. Luckily, no one was killed.

Courtesy of Pete Leenhouts


Courtesy of Chuck Bell

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Capt. Gerald Deconto USNA
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USS Excel(MSO-439) 1980-1982
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