(AM-432: dp. 620; 1. 172'; b. 36'; dr. 10'; s. 10 k.;cpl. 74: a. 1 40mm.; cl. Agile)) 74:a.l40mm.;cl. gile)The second Dynamic (AM-432) was launched 17 De-cember 1952 by Colberg Boat Works, Stockton, Calif.;sponsored by Mrs. R. W. Harbey; and commissioned15 December 1953, Lieutenant Commander J. F. Butlerin command. She was reclassified MS 0-432 on 7 Febru-ary 1955.Assigned to Mine Division 91, Squadron 9, Mine Force,Pacific Fleet, Dynamic operated out of her home port ofLong Beach, Calif., that included training with otherships, aircraft, soldiers and Marines, and with mine-sweepers of other navies. She cruised to the Far Eastin 1957-58 visiting ports in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan,and participated in minesweeping exercises with shipsof the Chinese Nationalist and Korean navies. She madea similar cruise in the first half of 1960, joined the otherfleet units in the "Pacific Festival" at San Francisco inSeptember and received a yard overhaul during the re-mainder of the year.

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