Partial Modernization

I believe the yard was Dentons, we did stay onboard during the upfit. It was mainly the engine rooms fore and aft. They did upgrade CIC, and installed air conditioning, redid the bottom, but left the superstructure and guns as they were. We got a new mess and sweep gear. It took about 3 or 4 months. I remember the main reason for the dry-dock upgrade was a 671 forward generator overheated and "ranaway", burning its own oil, we cleared the engine rooms just as it exploded, it sat next to the starboard hull. When it blew it tore a hole in the hull above the waterline. Fortunately we were heading out of Charleston and not to far out.. we turned around and came in... that's when they decided to change engines.
Dave Sandow, 3/2002

The ship was modernized but the superstructure was left alone as she was configured from the start for division commander occupancy. She had the ships office on the starboard side 01 level wrapped around the mast and officer quarters port.
02 level above the officers quarters was the ET shack, transmitter room above the ships office, exec, captain's, div cdrs staterooms and radio shack all on the 02 level.
CIC, radar, pilot house, chart room(?) 03 level.
Loren Dudley, 3/2002


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