Lebanon Crisis 1958

On 14 July 1958, following a turn for the worse with serious rioting in Beirut, Lebanese President Chamoun requested U.S. assistance. On the same day there was a coup in Iraq that overthrew a pro-Western government. The first Marine Corps unit landed the next day. The supporting naval force included over 60 vessels, including 3 aircraft carriers and eight ocean-going minesweepers (MSO) including USS Aggressive (MSO-422), USS Fidelity (MSO-443), USS Pinnacle (MSO-462), USS Adroit (MSO-509)..

Here is a link to the "official" description of the crisis. There is not any mention of minesweepers and only scant mention of any Naval Forces.

Also the operation was code-named Operation Blue Bat, again no mention of minesweepers.

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