MSO's in Foreign Countries

MSO's served the Navy's of Ten foreign countries
Thirty Six MSO's were built for foreign Navy's
Ten ex-USN ships were transfered to foreign Navy's

MSO-498, BNS A.F. Dufour M903, ex-Langen M950 (Norway)

MSO-499, BNS D.E. Brouwer M904, ex-Namsen M951 (Norway)

MSO-503, BNS Artevelde M907

MSO-504, BNS Breydel M906

MSO-515, BNS Truffaut M908

MSO-516, BNS Bovesse M909

MSO-522, BNS Van Haverbeke M902

MSO-479, Transfered to Belgium in 1974 for spare parts only, ex-Pico M416 (Portugal)

MSO-450, FS Berneval M613

MSO-451, FS Bir Hacheim M614

MSO-452, FS Garigliano M617

MSO-453, FS Alencon M612

MSO-454, FS Dompaire M616

MSO-475, FS Mytho M618

MSO-476, FS Cantho M615

MSO-477, FS Vinh Long M619

MSO-500, FS Berlaimont M620

MSO-501, FS Origny M621 & A640

MSO-502, FS Autun M622

MSO-505, FS Baccarat M623

MSO-512, FS Narvik M609 & A769

MSO-513, FS Ouistreham M610

MSO-514, FS Colmar M624

MSO-506, NMM Storione M5431

MSO-507, NMM Salmone M5430

MSO-517, NMM Sgombro M5432

MSO-518, NMM Squalo M5433

MSO-480, Hr.Ms. Onversaagd M884 & A854

MSO-481, Hr.Ms. Onbevreesd M885 & A855

MSO-482, Hr.Ms. Onvervaard M888 & A858

MSO-483, Hr.Ms. Mercuur A856, ex-Onverschrokken M886 & A856

MSO-484, Hr.Ms. Onvermoeid M887 & A857

MSO-485, Hr.Ms. Onverdroten M889 & A859

MSO-498, KNM Lagen M950

MSO-499, KNM Namsen M951

MSO-436, BRP Davao Del PM91, ex-USS Energy MSO-436 (USA)

MSO-444, BRP Davao Del Sur PM92, ex-USS Firm MSO-444 (USA)

MSO-478, NRP Sao Jorge M415

MSO-479, NRP Pico M416

MSO-486, NRP Graciosa M417

MSO-487, NRP Corvo M418

MSO-432, SPS Guadalete M41, ex-USS Dynamic MSO-432 (USA)

MSO-463, SPS Guadalmedina M42 ex-USS Pivot MSO-463 (USA)

MSO-473, SPS Guadiana M44, ex-USS Vigor MSO473 (USA)

MSO-491, SPS Guadalquivir M43, ex-USS Persistent MSO-491 (USA)

MSO-455, Yung Yang M1306, ex-USS Implicit MSO-455 (USA)

MSO-488, Yung Tzu M1307, ex-USS Conquest MSO-488 (USA)

MSO-489, Yung Ku M1308, ex-USS Gallant MSO-489 (USA)

MSO-492, Yung Teh M1309, ex-USS Pledge MSO-492 (USA)

MSO-451, ROU Maldonado MS33, ex-Bir Hacheim M614 (France)

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