The following information is courtesy of Piet Sinke, NAVPIC-Holland:

I have been interested in Navy ships for more than 25 years. The information I have is direct out of my personal database, I have 22,600 ships (worldwide) in my (self compiled) database. I get my data out of magazines which I am reading.
I have about 15>20,000 negatives of warship from all over the world in my collection , I spend a lot of time on this "hobby".
Piet Sinke

Mr. Sinke has been wonderful to me in supplying much needed information for my site. I am sure he would be happy to get inquires and a word of thanks for all his efforts over the years. Thank you Mr. Sinke.

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See the latest Belgium Fleet list

See the latest World Navies Today: Belgium, Revised 2 May 1999, Maintained by: Andrew Toppan of Haze Gray and Underway.

Note: All of the US-built minesweepers have been decommisioned and stricken.

Transferred 1955-60, except M 903, transferred from Norway in 1966. Equipped as minehunters, with two PAP-104 remote-control minehunting submersibles. Wooden hulls. M 903 was placed in reserve in 1997. M 908 is being reactivated to act as trials ship for equipment to be installed in the new minesweepers. Sister Artevelde (M 907) stricken 1-2-85; Breydel (M 906, ex-AM 504) stricken 1-93 and donated for use as a museum exhibit at Ghent (still at Zeebrugge as of 7-96); Françoise Bovesse (M 909, ex-AMS 516) was stricken 3-93. J.E. Van Haverbeke (M 902) has also been hulked. De Brouwer (M 904, ex-Nansen, ex-MSO 499) was stricken 7-93. M 903 refitted 1996. M 908 activated for naval review in 7-96.

Summer, 2002---To be sold to high bidder...MSO-498, M950 Dufour, MSO-499, M951 Brouwer, MSO-515, M908 Truffaut, MSO-516, M909 Bovesse


I received information dated June 23, 2000 from the Naval Attache, Embassy of Spain, Washington, D.C. with the following information:

The Guadalete was decommissioned in 1998. The other three are still in service.

Jose M. Palencia
Captain, Spanish Navy
Naval Attache

M 41 GUADALETE (ex-PVZ 41; ex-M 41; ex-Dynamic, MSO 432)
M 42 GUADALMEDINA (ex-Pivot, MSO 463)
M 43 GUADALQUIVIR (ex-Persistent, MSO 491)
M 44 GUADIANA (ex-Vigor, MSO 473)

The following web sites have out dated information:

See Spanish Fleet list (Non official web site)

See World Navies Today: Spain. Revised 11 March 2000, Maintained by: Andrew Toppan of Haze Gray and Underway, Compiled by: Inigo Puente Urruzmendi



These ships are still in service as of 12/2001 and into 2002, they have been re-planked. They are stationed in the southern port of Taiwan. Gil Hoag, ex Conquest.

Former Crew Members Visit Taiwan Navy Base

See the latest Taiwan Fleet list

See the latest World Navies Today: Taiwan (Republic of China), Revised 11 March 2000, Maintained by: Andrew Toppan of Haze Gray and Underway

It appears that these four are still in service as minesweepers.

1306 YUNG YANG (ex-Implicit, MSO 455)
1307 YUNG TZU (ex-Conquest, MSO 488)
1308 YUNG KU (ex-Gallant, MSO 489)
1309 YUNG TEH (ex-Pledge, MSO 492)

1307-1309 transferred 3-8-94, 1306 on 30-9-94. All had outer hull planking replaced prior to delivery in Taiwan 14-2-95; they were formally commissioned at Kaohsiung on 1-3-95. Acquisition of further units has been canceled, although the similar Exultant (MSO 441), Fortify (MSO 446), and Affray (MSO 511) were to be transferred during 1997 as cannibalization spares. Hull systems: Wooden construction; nonmagnetic, stainless-steel machinery. All were given very thorough rehabilitations during the early to mid-1970s, receiving semi-enclosed bridges, enlarged superstructures abaft the bridge, SQQ-14 minehunting sonars, new communications gear, and upgraded accommodations.
Combat systems: Have the SLQ-37(V) magnetic sweep system, incorporating A Mk 4(V) and A Mk 6(B) acoustic arrays and the SLQ-38 wire sweep. Hoist machinery for the SQQ-14 minehunting sonar occupies the position of the former 40-mm AA gun. Plans called for modernizing these units beginning in 1996 and providing them with remotely operated minehunting and disposal vehicles; Loral has proposed equipping them with the SYQ-12 combat system, satellite navigation system, SQQ-30 sonar, and Gaymarine Pluto Plus ROVs.



One Ship Still In Service

From: Italian Embassy
      Office of the Naval Attache
      22 September 2000

U.S. Hull #506  M5431 Stricken March 1, 1997
          #507  M5430 Stricken March 31, 1996
          #517  M5432 Decommissioned October 3, 2000
          #518  M5433 Converted to offshore patrol duty 1992-1993;
                      Still in service       
See the Italian Navy Fleet Order of Battle, This lists a complete list of all the current ships in the Navy.

See the Italian Navy First Line Fleet Today

See the latest World Navies Today: Italy, Revised 5 October 1999, Maintained by: Andrew Toppan of Haze Gray and Underway, Compiled with assistance from: Cesare Vecchi.

Wooden construction. Sister Sgombro (M 5432, ex-MSO 517) placed in reserve 10-9-90 for eventual disposal; Salmone (M 5430, ex-MSO 507), which had been used for fisheries protection duties since 1989, was similarly retired during 1991 and was stricken 31-3-96. The entire class had originally been scheduled for disposal 1982-83, and the two remaining units were to have been retired during 1992; instead, their sweep gear was removed and they have been given a minor refit to permit them to serve as fisheries patrol boats.

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